July 01, 2022
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King Solomon Kabagambe

King Solomon Rwemera Kabagambe was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He fled the Congolese civil war to Uganda and immigrated to Canada. King Solomon is the founder and president of the Voice of Ituri. He is also the Vice President of SFU African Student Association as well as, General Secretary of the African Descent Society of British Columbia.


Yvonne Hanson

Yvonne has a BA in political science from Simon Fraser University, where she first got involved with the VOI. She specializes in environmental activism and social justice, and volunteer with a variety of related causes and campaigns. Yvonne is a passionate environmentalist and humanitarian activist. As a member of VOI, she assists with the planning and co-ordination of fundraising events and outreach opportunities.   

Erica Borg

Erica Borg is an undergraduate student currently studying Political Science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2017 she became a founding member of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association’s Canadian chapter and now holds the Secretary General position in addition to her role as Vice-President of the British Columbia regional chapter, and Director of Development for The Voice of Ituri. Erica has a strong interest in studying Transatlantic and NATO Foreign Affairs, humanitarianism, gender studies, as well as French, Maltese, and German languages.

Luc Malembe

Luc Malembe, has a master degree in International Relations. He is a journalist, AFP correspondent in Bunia as well as General Manager of buniaactualite.com news site. Luc is also a human rights activist and a pro-democracy activist. His anti-dictatorship positions and numerous publications denouncing massive violations of human rights, misappropriation of public funds, corruption and poor leadership have led to arrests and other serious threats, including intimidations. Luc is also a co-founder of Voice of Ituri and its Chairman in the D.R.Congo.

Benjamin Patterson

Benjamin Patterson is the acting Executive Director and co-founder of the Voice of Ituri. He also works with the NATO Public Diplomacy office on their #WeAreNATO campaign under his position as the Vice President and co-founder of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Canada. He has written two academic publications, one with Atlantic Voices on emerging conventional weaponry’s effect on nuclear deterrence, and one on the revolutions in Kyrgyzstan through Simon Fraser University. He also works as an academy instructor at Big Mind Academy where he teaches students advanced writing, philosophy, and current events and coaches them on university applications.

Jimmy Agutamba

Jimmy was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but fled the country due to conflict. He currently lives in Uganda as a refugee. Jimmy has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology. He is one of the chairs of the Voice of Ituri in Uganda, also in charge of its social media marketing.

Mireille Mugenyi

Mireille was born Ituri, Democratic Republic of Congo. She fled the civil war to Uganda, where she currently resides. Mireille is a student at Victoria University Kampala pursuing a bachelor of Business Administration, as well as one of the representatives of Voice of Ituri in Uganda, she also in charge of social media marketing.

John Michael Koffi

John Michael Koffi is a poet, musician and author of Refuge-e: The Journey Much Desired. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, he has lived and travelled in multiple countries as a refugee. He appreciates multiculturalism, is highly passionate about Youth empowerment, and advocates for recognition and resolution of minority issues, especially issues affecting refugee youth. He is currently working hand-in-hand with members of a Youth Club he co-founded in Mpaka Refugee Camp in Swaziland to improve existing educational resources, establish an educational fund, and build recreation facilities for all young people in the refugee camp. A United World Colleges graduate, he is currently studying International Relations at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus, where he serves as a co-representative of African Studies Minor Program for Africa Awareness Initiative and volunteers as a Wellness Peer. He loves making people sing!

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